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Operation Mobilization (OM) is an international, faith-based organization, uniting people to demonstrate Jesus’ love and compassion to those who have little or no access to the gospel. In 1957, a trip to Mexico inspired George Verwer with a passion to share the gospel and he went on to co-found Operation Mobilization. By 1963, OM had established a presence in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Since then, we have grown into an international organization that works to bring a holistic gospel to millions of people around the world. OM is led and staffed by 5,000+ workers and partners from more than 100 different nations. OM has established work in more than 110 countries on six continents, as well as on an ocean-going vessel. We are mobilizing both cross-cultural and local believers to teach and disciple others and our mission is focused on the places where Jesus is not yet known.
Today, close to 3 billion people around the world have not heard the good news of Jesus and this number increases by about 60,000 every day. In many cases, these same people are also being crushed by spiritual and physical restrictions, poverty and injustice. OM mobilizes workers to go boldly and live out the gospel in authentic and sustainable ways in each unique local context. We identify ways we can sow broadly the message of God’s love with those we encounter, whether it’s by developing communities of believers in the Middle East, rescuing enslaved women in Asia or assisting refugees in Europe. As the gospel takes root, we seek to see total transformation in the lives of the people we serve, resulting in vibrant communities of Jesus followers.


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Past Opportunities

South Asia - Summit - Mission Exposure Program

Feb 2 - Jul 1, 2020
10 spots left
Singles, Being Trained, Discipleship + 3 more

Namibia - Luke 24 Journey (October 2019)

Oct 15 - Nov 12, 2019
8 spots left
Singles, Couples, Families + 9 more

Belgium - Factor: A Discipleship Experience

Oct 6 - Dec 22, 2019
6 spots left
Singles, Couples, Groups + 6 more

United Kingdom - MDT UK - Missions Discipleship Training

Sep 7 - Dec 6, 2019
12 spots left
Singles, Couples, Being Trained + 6 more