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Short-Term Coach and 2 more

Short-Term Application Steps

If you are ready to pursue a short-term opportunity with OM that is found on our...

Operation Mobilization

First Steps Toward Long-Term

In this track, potential applicants can work together with a Mobilization Coach ...

About Us

We are not ashamed of who we are, where we have been, where we live. We pop out of bed each morning with the confidence that the God who created the universe, who knocked over the walls of Jericho, who healed the blind, and raised the dead is with us. This emboldens us, it empowers us and it motivates us.

We aren’t super-religious and we don’t have special skills reserved only for missionaries. We are men and women just like you who have chosen to use our talents to make disciples in all the world.


People Engaged with Operation Mobilization